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Who are we?

THE RISE COLLECTION is a product design company serving users digital entertainment across multiple platforms.

Why did we build this business?

THE RISE COLLECTION was an idea created by a young-developer ( Joshua Paulsen ) with his friends ( Mitchell Dewald ) and more... We built this business to chase our dreams of owning an established software company. The real interest sparked years ago with the release of Flappy Bird, at the time we were young and interested in the Apple ecosystem. At the time it was crazy to see the mass response to that application and we wanted to explore it! THE RISE COLLECTION was created to spark Innovation / New Products internally with dev-projects and externally with teaching tools such as

What do we offer?

THE RISE COLLECTION offers products published to various portfolios including ecosystems such as [ IOS, Android, GitHub ] We currently will not accept outside development contracts. If you would like to work with us let's meet and collaborate & publish something together.. email us here.

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